Little is known about the origin of the video that provoked the protests, which is called “Innocence of Muslims.” It was made in obscurity somewhere in Southern California and promoted by a network of right-wing Christians with a history of animosity directed toward Muslims.

originally posted 9/13/12
re  Benghazi

link Turmoil Spreads to U.S. Embassy in Yemen

(and Origins of  Provocative Video Are Shrouded
http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/13/world/middleeast/origins-of-provocative-video-shrouded.html?ref=middleeast )

So who and why, this push for war and trouble? Groups in thrall of an Apocalyptic Millennialism, a dangerously seductive and manipulative distortion filter --


note, from the Atlantic story 'Sam Bacile, Israeli Jew,' May Actually Be Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, Coptic Christian

Alas, "Sam Bacile" could not have spread the apparent fiction that Jews were behind this film without the help of the Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal, which both reported, without independently checking, "Sam Bacile"s claim to be Israeli.

WSJ, once again, is Murdoch's rag.

It certainly confuses the issue.

(Israel, you're smarter than this. Walk away from the phony "Christian" Zionists. Manipulation on all sides. Reminds me of old union buster thugs.)

update: The Facts About Benghazi