our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


Blue, blue

Not really interested in psychoanalysis -- breaking up the psyche. But I am very much interested in mythos, in Psyche as she lives in us.

I think it was good to grow up Catholic with those Buddhist liberal nuns I had. Ritual and Guardian Angels are a great gift to a child. They build imagination. I think of so many who haven't a clue about anything but the literal. No awareness of the inner daemon, an important understanding that's been degraded, twisted, and simplified into a belief in evil. It's what makes so many adults ripe for evangelicals and so many religions not for adults.

At Delphi: Know thyself. Can't be bad.


The unconscious is not a demonical monster, but a natural entity which, as far as moral sense, aesthetic taste, and intellectual judgment go, is completely neutral. It only becomes dangerous when our conscious attitude to it is hopelessly wrong. To the degree that we repress it, its danger increases. ~C.G.Jung The Practical Use Of Dream Analysis, Collected Works


 New York Times October 27, 2011 James Hillman, Therapist in Men’s Movement, Dies at 85 By BENEDICT CAREY
 Interesting headline, therapist in men's movement: Hillman boiled down and reduced, saucy Jem!

And the below gifts from Samten -- take the links, mull with care, and call me in the morning!

James Hillman, Alchemical Blue and the Unio Mentalis http://www.pantheatre.com/pdf/6-reading-list-JH-blue.pdf

James Hillman, The Azure Vault http://www.adepac.org/Ingles/IP01-7.htm Lecture given at the XVI International Congress on Analytical Psychology, Barcelona, Spain, September 2004.

See also: Michel Pastoureau, Blue. The History of a Color, Princeton University Press, 2001.

And: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distinguishing_blue_from_green_in_language