our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


how to do this thing

Last week, was in Charlottesville, VA., an anti-war protest at a Flag Day event. Work for peace, o my brothers! But what's the point? Who would care? Not the army recruiters who ran the thing or the people with them. Arguing and heckling is not my style. But being there with the vets against the war, it seemed a good idea to quietly slap their nice big stickers over the army recruiters' logos on their trucks (seems they've gotten rid of the Hummers). Felt good. Felt right. And they had no idea. They drove off with them! I think it's a worthy project, folks. Get your stickers here, go forth.

This is how we do this. Open hearts, open minds. anyway you can. We don't have money, true. No Koch brothers free trips on buses with free lunch. But we're smarter than them.

For instance: