our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


"take tea and see"

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A neurological basis for humanity's love affair with Camellia sinensis?

deborah conner10:33 AM
black tea has 3X the L-theanine as green.

no wonder we're addicted. I do wonder how such a wonderful thing begot such an awful corporate culture.

From the unpublished manuscript Tea, A History of Addiction, Exploitation, and Empire, by Roy Moxham:

"The East India Tea Company had been founded as a commercial enterprise in 1600 under a royal charter from Queen Elizabeth It was given a monopoly over all trade with the "indies" -- that portion of the globe which lay east of Africa and west of South America ..."
[Things only got better. Under Charles II ..]
"It was given the right to send out its own ships of war, men and ammunition, and to authorize their commanders to 'continue or make peace or war with any Prince or People (that are not Christians) in any place of their trade, as shall be most for the advantage and benefit of the said Governor and Company: also to erect and garrison fortifications at any of their settlements."