our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


mostly just amazed

Certainly we find evidence that we think, process (maths for instance) in the unconscious. That when we draw up memories, we recreate them, often changing them.

Intuition and emotion -- the accumulated flash of unconscious instinct and experience -- are essential for our survival. These also can be dangerous to us, stress hormones eating away at us long term, or intuition's self-fulfilling prophecy (end-times, literal belief in scripture, etc.). Inflation is always a danger -- yet can also be beneficial when we step back and learn from what it might tell us about our hidden self.

Living life behind glass much of the time cuts us off from so many clues of understanding one another. Our bodies must be so confused.

Babies die without touch.

It amazes me to realize that the life in me (you, everything) didn't start with me. That it was handed down through things into being, from being to being, to continue burning in my very being. That I pass it on, that the same fire burns in us all.

These are the thoughts my mind keeps circling around. As reason and experience shows me again and again that compassion is the best religion.

Compassion, quiet. Quiet enough to hear animals, trees, maybe even rocks and wind. Not mass minded, yet -- infectious. This is what brought us here. What keeps us.


Gail asks:

Hmm...Yes, life handed down( consciousness or undifferentiated energy?) Can you elaborate further on "things into being" ? Are you referring to... from matter into life... ie. elementary particles, atoms,molecules,etc. .... and eventually life? What is the nature of that which is " handed down" ?

I'm referring to the mere amazing fact of our life, this being in body, this drawing of breath. And back beyond being human, atavism evidenced in morphogenesis, life springing from life back beyond all memory. Where consciousness, even sentience, emerges in this -- well, that's our fascination here, isn't it?

And before -- well, who knows?


But we do come from stars. How did we always gnow this?


Hi Stephen,

Yes, that's what I was pointing toward --

"One of the strangest features of what is known about cognition in the sense of the per force material cognitive system--the brain--is that our awareness of making a choice often follows the choice having actually been made in the biochemical mechanics of the brain."
Moreover, themes on order of the "world a giant hologram" resonate. (And the mere concept of resonance...)

And the from and to of it, assumptions of time and order: things framed in and from the human perspective. Bee eyes see things differently.

I'm saying simply that empiricism and its extrapolations are built on the way we experience; that even in reaching beyond this, it still limits our grasp. ("The only limit is imagination." Still: drawn from, written in, expressed as, senses.)

With Jung, I think one of the great lessons is an awareness of our interpretive filters. Just the suspicion of them helps us sit down, do that thing that allows that sudden "insight" -- for want of a better word -- to float up and focus us where we might need to look.

We call ourselves a utilitarian age, and we do not know the uses of any single thing. We have forgotten that Water can cleanse, and Fire purify, and that the Earth is mother to us all. . .Still, I am conscious that behind all this Beauty, satisfying though it be, there is some Spirit hidden of which the painted forms and shapes are but modes of manifestation, and it is with this Spirit that I desire to become in harmony
~Oscar Wilde (De Profundis, 509 in Letters vol. I)

extra credit:
How the subconscious mind shapes creative writing