our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


grokking Interstellar

"We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself," Sagan said.

I love it that Murphy is named for Murphy's Law, the way that connects to principles of evolution -- and points to the necessary gradients required for any change. There has to be an energy imbalance to make things flow, to do "work"... to have -- transformation. Eros again.

The love relationships and poetry are essential to the movie because they are essential to human experience. Love moves us, motivates us. How perceptive, the ancient poetry.

Emotion. We consider it anti-science, negative, a handicap that keeps us from reason. But it has evolved with us along with our intellect. Emotion and intuition are flashes formed from instinct-- the experience born into us-- and our own experience. It has a role in shaping our reasoned response. And our imagination.  

That beautiful image of a 5th dimension. A grounding is the classic 19th C novel Flatland. (Through the looking glass: now that's some cognitive filter!) It was the sort of expansive perspective -- a bird's eye view -- that gave Einstein the imaginative clarity to latch onto the concepts of Relativity.

Interstellar is the mythos we need, a course correction that helps us align with our current technology. Be inspired.

dessert: http://mesocosm.net/2012/08/29/interpreting-religious-and-mythological-symbols/