our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


This will be raw because that's where I am.

Letter to a friend.

Hi Michael (K),

What do I think is happening? Honestly?

This will be raw because that's where I am.

If you look at polls for the last 20 years for "what woman in the world was most admired?" you'd see it was Hillary.

If you look through the decades that Clinton has endured as she continued to work for the public good, because she did, you see that she has been attacked no matter what she does. The lies about her from decades ago still stand. No one has more experience with this sort of press, except, perhaps, Obama.

She knew that Sanders was a good story to cover, that it moved clicks online. (The lovable curmudgeon, our Gandalf and Dumbledore!) She has always had her eyes open to the media-coverage imbalance that anyone who can step out of their bubble can see. She saved her funds until now -- because Nov is what matters.

What's happened? In a nutshell, the Right knew the only way it could win this election was to divide the Democratic party. Mission accomplished.

It's also the way they came to power: people didn't vote in the off-years. They bought the lie that both parties are the same. The Right -- who basically owns the media, as we've been assured as the rise of Trump (it serves itself) held back on criticizing Bernie.

What I have to say to those who would risk Trump and vote 3rd party:

It's not anyone's job but your own to accept the responsibility of voting in a realistic way. You shape the world we all will have to live in.

Of course, oil is at the bottom of the Right, of the middle east, of Russia, of climate change. All those who draw their wealth and power from it. That includes all of us, too, not just the Saudi and big oil companies who stand in the center. Everyone ignores their part in it, which is where the real power of change lies.

Theocracy is an equal partner in the general irrationality. Voting 3rd party shares that same irrationality, the logic of magic. Or worse, hated and revenge.

Bernie on the web was boarded early by pirates who spun tales of hate. Bernie was great at the Convention. I loved him. But it was much too late. Moreover, the reaction there only confirmed that he was never really in control of the movement at all.

Technology has sorted us into bubbles, blind to what others think. We are simply manipulated, a full-digital step away from another dark age.

Please, lean towards the light in the darkness. Because power and war did not bring us here. Love did. The ones who kept the children fed, who bound the wounds, who kept and keep working for good. Love brought us all here, all life, and sustains us through dark times.