our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


history's so strong ...

I know this with every breath I take: Please use your time and energy for the work. Make the future bright. We lighten the darkness of the creator.
World needs that now as it ever has.
This is how to love

I look at all the academic arguing going on about alt. history, herstory, all the many isms. What is ignored is how very hard it has been to evolve and simply exists as humans. The intellectual corpus, the foundation that universities have taught -- the "of the school" -- carries great work with it, and the idea that it's just for men and of men is so short-sighted. Yes, uncover the alt stories, what it was like for the voices left only in graffiti, but teach the foundation. So much anger and hate, and we fall divided. The loss is not just ours, but of all the future.

Reading Chesterton on thom Aquinas. Inkling.

from Chesterton, G. K.. St. Thomas Aquinas (p. 2). Dover Publications. Kindle Edition.

It would be futile to make a sketch of St. Thomas and conceal the fact that he fought with heretics; and yet the fact itself may embarrass the very purpose for which it is employed. I can only express the hope, and indeed the confidence, that those who regard me as the heretic will hardly blame me for expressing my own convictions, and certainly not for expressing my hero’s convictions. There is only one point upon which such a question concerns this very simple narrative. It is the conviction, which I have expressed once or twice in the course of it, that the sixteenth-century schism was really a belated revolt of the thirteenth-century pessimists. It was a backwash of the old Augustinian Puritanism against the Aristotelian liberality. Without that, I could not place my historical figure in history.