our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


I'm getting Kindled.

As I said. I'm getting a Kindle. Oh traitor (and trader!) to
blessed books. But ---- I'm getting a Kindle.


My husband rolls out of here at 3am on Monday mornings, after staying up to
12 or so. Then he works three 15 hr days, and comes home. He likes
things this way. When I used to work with him, he would go hours and
hours without a break -- no tea, no elevensies. Nothing. I would sit
at keyboard, tuning along with him, weeping. Please! Can we have a
break! Oh, ok, he says, and climbs down from some dusty corner of
ancient organ. Bats in belfry! But as ever, I consider men cats, and
always leave the door open for them. But we are not so young now.
Please get at least five hours sleep, I tell him Sunday night. Don't
go so early. He gets in bed, pulls covers over head. So I resorted to
a threat. I never do this. Well, rarely. It's an act of desperation
after all, and one of the things I like about him is that he is so
different from me while being basically also peas in a pod with me.
Anyway, I open my eyes about threeish -- and he's gone, damn him.
He's going to hit a deer one day. God knows. And where would we be then?
My life has a certain shape to it, and I can't imagine it without him.
So I made good on my threat. I'd said I would buy something expensive
-- which a Kindle is for me. I've always done my best to avoid making
money, so this is an extravagance.

And so I'm getting a Kindle.

Talked to him last night. I think he was in Raleigh. I confessed. His
response? Happy Mother's Day.

What can you do?