our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


The moon, which is caprice itself, looked in the window while you were sleeping in your crib, and said to herself: "That child pleases me."

And then she mellowly descended her staircase of clouds and passed noiselessly through the windows. Then she spread herself over you with the supple tenderness of a mother, and she left her colors on your face. Your eyes remained green, and your cheeks extraordinarily pale. It was while contemplating that visitor that your eyes became so bizarrely large; and she so tenderly crushed your throat that you have retained forever the desire to cry.


Without my dark

picture from Tess of the D'urbervilles

Without my dark, 
you would have no desires. 
No strengths in your urges, ambitions, or achievements.

I cross the rivers of Hades
in sleep:


Carl Jung

7 planets, 7 notes, 7 colors leaves us arguing is it blue or green.

That we (actually) see spectrum by its inherent energy isn't so surprising. Quanta. Bursts of change. (Though transformation can be sticky. So many variables. Shades and shadow. Bring me my individuation toolkit, James.) Thus, the model of the sudden aha between separate beings trying to share thought, or even a single mind grasping suddenly what was so elusive, isn't so very strange.

And that understanding becomes tool as well as filter. Light can be blinding.

But "cause", "effect" -- these are time and space bound, as is even the extrapolated idea of "creator" (with all its good /evil baggage). Because time and space are properties of (at one with) matter.

Being in the body is contingent on these circumstances.... though imagination can pierce that circumference. Perhaps.

Jung spoke about and from the human experience. Which is all we know or can know. Science and Art provide us with suspicions beyond this filter. Jung was simply applying these tools to the mind, taking the physician's toolkit (biology, physics) beyond mere flesh.

Hard, dissecting a living being.


an interstitial aside

elvis costello says you have to learn to write in the dark so you won't forget what comes to you there. my legal pad this a.m. said:


The Ascent / Eros Psychopompos

For one who looks at Beauty in the only way that Beauty can 
be seen—only then will it become possible for him to give birth 
(tiktein) not to images of virtue—because he’s in touch with no 
images—but to true virtue—because he is in touch with true 
Beauty. And being theophiles (god-loved/god-loving) belongs 
to anyone who has given birth to true virtue and nourished it, 
and if any human being could become immortal, it would be 
this one.  ~Diotima in The Symposium

Evans, Nancy in Hypatia, Volume 21, Number 2, Spring 2006, pp. 1-27


"we are all broken images of that which is seen when the mind stands still" ~Joseph Campbell
Masks of Oriental Gods: Symbolism of Kundalini Yoga


as far as longing can reach

The common view of the pre-Socratic philosophers is that they stand at the beginning of Greek (and therefore Western) rationalism and science.