our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


Hello Sweetie.

Stephen wrote:

.... If you consider the developmental movement inward, because the biological/primal fact is we--men and women--are issued from mothers, this asymmetry comes into relief. So, the movement for a woman is via the integration of the discriminating, penetrating animus (or logos brought into consciousness,) is to arrive at the feminine soul, whereas for man, it is via his anima, and, in effect "back to" his feminine soul....

That really gels the meaning, doesn't it. And as we live as individuals, that's where the soul work takes place. Can also marry it to the Apollonian Dionysian continuum.

Funny. When I write fiction -- long works in which you embed seem necessary for me -- I find my sword wielding animus is taking over less. It took almost a decade to finish the last novel, and I understand why now. I was changing. My relationship to my animus was changing. Reading it now, it comes clear. Makes me smile. That's Jung's active imagination.

Observing the collective -- well, just so much conflict going on between the unconscious and the commercial filters (especially re our old fbuddy snake). Public lives, forbidden fruit, droves of classy call girls employed by upstanding righteous leaders. "Suicides" of DC Madams. The internet, so full of perfect strangers. What a crazy culture we have. Interesting years. And we know things are simply changing, growing, working their way out. The filters can interfere in this as it tends its way toward equilibrium, as they always have -- just as they also help slow things down so we can analyze them. But it's the bubbles that filters can erect that keep things apart and thwart growth. The table-ready schemata with super-sized helpings of finger-licking-good confirmation bias. With so much manipulation, I hope the telomeres are strong!

We choose the reality we lean toward. All of us, works in progress.



Don't know if you watch Dr.Who, but this year's episodes have been about a girl and her animus! The past few years, it's been the doctor appreciating his anima.

Long live Sarah Jane!