our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


Compassion is the only religion

Watched the entire Simon Schama's History of Britain last week in one swoop.

Made me think about Jung's emphasis on religion as a very human force, a need. How expressed, repressed, enforced, inflicted, taught, learned, imbibed? Questions that define nations, cultures, families, individual lives. And all life is lived as the latter. "The Problem of" (as Jung like to put things) comes to focus by looking at Oliver Cromwell's inflation, The Doing of God's Work. Presently, we have a whole wing of government, how many teabag swinging Reps and Governors, with this problem.

And then there's the King who has himself embedded in paint as he ascends to the Heavens: God Made In The Image of Man.

Kings and Queens, all the large controlling eyes of it, looking at us, our looking back at it. Who do we see?

Jung sensed some new enlightenment when the Virgin Mary was (finally!) (I'm speaking metaphor here) granted the same transcendence, body and all, to Heaven in the mid-Twentieth Century (noting here, the movie The Return Of The King nicely plays this out): The Bride back in the Bridal Chamber, Holy of Holies, Yahweh and Asherah.

Mazeltov. Shalom.

Forget Let's Roll. This is Dance. Life: it's all about dance.

I like William Sharp's take, which he learned from DGRossetti:

 ... an artist should work with both "hand and soul" towards the accomplishment of every conception. Their applicability to all imaginatively and emotionally creative work will be manifest to many, and the central idea is certainly that which it would be well if most persons besides those who "create" would take to heart -- that true life is the truest worship and truest praise, "for with God is no lust of godhead." 

So. To your health.
Compassion is the best religion. Eyes open, beloved, to Beauty, to awe, realizing the god in everyone, everything, everywhere. Cahoots. Magicians, all.

extra credit: centering