our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


illuminating them like reliquaries

More on Mike Kelly's exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery. Nice review from Art Daily, certainly better behaved than Adrian Searle's (rather fun) (appropriately gonzo) piece in the Guardian.

Would love to see this exhibit. Conjuring Rossetti's presence strikes me as logical. As with Blake and Keats, he was an apprehension of a milestone, a point in time where Art understood itself, embedding (perfect word) the big E eternal as it came into him, a moment's monument,-- Memorial from the Soul's eternity To one dead deathless hour. And this:
In examining the extensive archive that was amassed of Kandor’s depiction in Superman comics, Kelley was struck by the inconsistent nature of its ongoing representation. Choosing twenty diverse examples from the myriad two-dimensional renderings of the sci-fi city, Kelley has created three-dimensional Kandors and variant works. In these he explores the formal properties of reflectivity and translucency by casting the Kandors in colored resins, setting them in tinted glass bottles, and illuminating them like reliquaries in specifically designed settings.

Grok. The work is a dissertation. The inconsistent nature of the ongoing representation: Time looking back at its movement, Psyche's three-way mirror (do I look fat in this?); the properties of matter groping for a flicker of their ultimate unity, the once-living, now unyielding resin and color as archetype. The rage of Bizarro seeing his own face in a glass.