our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


up close and personal

Well, we're moved and it went well. Tired and CANNOT face another box, but all but 4 are unpacked (except the garage, which is full of them -- and staying there; only unpacking what we need, not old Ghostbuster toys and Legos....), and they can sit a bit. Cookbooks and kitchen stuff that I have no idea where to put.

 LOVELY, FRIENDLY PLACE. Rush Limbaugh and road signs yelling TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! don't lurk. I fully realize how much they wore me down.

Everyone here just so friendly and helpful and saying hello. Met a woman in the grocery yesterday who was 98, spry, wonderful. Floored when she told me her age. She stopped to admire the sunflower I was buying. Told her I had three great Aunts who lived to be over 100. Truth. I intend to join them.

 So. Now to get to my own work.

Unpacked my paints, too. LOve to you, dear friends with your blessed wise hearts. Thank you for being. Meet my new neighbors!