our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


Vonda Wolff's serious satisfaction

member this?

in brief:


I'm not sure what to make of the native tongue of the writer of the below marketing ploy... maybe mike and you linguists can tell by the anatomy. But wouldn't old William Strunk have loved to use it as an example in his chapter on elementary use of language. ("Sentences violating Rule 11 are often ludicrous." ) !

I just wanted to share with you the experiences I've had in the past year. As many men are familiar with, my wife was never really satisified with my size. This caused many problems within our relationship and made me feel very insecure.
Well, just like a lot of you out there, I was ready to do anything to make my wife happy. I tried everything, pumps, excercises, pills, but never found anything that actually worked until now. I was talking to a friend which recommended to a website that carried a new type of pill which I had never seen before. To my surprise, it actually worked. Now, i'm not going to lie and say that I grew a foot but it was definately a noticable increase, which has seen made my life a happier.
If your sick and tired of trying pro ducts that just don't work check this out.

Vonda Wolff

(url to ad or maybe worse removed : wunna want ter tempt ya!)


i get hundreds of these every day. one of these days i'm gonna unwind my john thomas from around my thigh an' SHOW the buggers what a dickman really is.

but not yet...

don' wanna scare 'em...



O Mike!


What did I miss to provoke such a response? go on, show them, Mikey!




I'm with C.




Long as it don't grow a foot!