our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


Raiders Of The Lost Artifacts

Perspective: Raiders of the lost artifacts:

"The museum is the archaeological repository for all artifacts from excavations in Iraq. It contains, or did contain, hundreds of thousands of objects covering 10,000 years of human civilization: tablets, reliefs, weapons, seals, pottery, musical instruments, statues large and small. The collection is made of gold, clay, stone, metal, bone, ivory, cloth, paper, glass and wood.U.S. troops had protected the museum, but they left to engage insurgents in another part of the city."
So that washes American's hands? What a coup for Biblical Fundamentalists, helping to erase all that came before their standard true and accepted version, all that remembers that god was originally named ELOHIM, a plural: the gods.

I am the lord they god, thou shalt have no the gods before me. So who was he talking to? Bit of saber rattling.

Go back to the earliest Genesis myths, some 1000 years earlier than the expected true and accepted version. It was all about water, water marrying, male and female, gods in their act of creation. No fire there, either. The Enuma Elish (also: here).

Written in Akkadian,, the Enuma Elish dates back to 1800 BCE, the carriers of this tradition originally from Arabia. Preserved on 7 clay tablets, this text from ~1200.

"The Akkadian script was used until about the 1st century AD and was adapted to write many other languages of Mesopotamia, including Babylonian and Assyrian."