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"A Classified Mea Culpa on Iraq" : CIA Analysis Acknowledges Intelligence Failure on Iraq's WMDs

Even as 63% of Republicans Still Believe Iraq Had WMD (and 64% Obama Born in Kenya). The Liberal Media (sic) is doing a great job, America!

 Foreign Policy Features CIA Document Released to National Security Archive
Washington, D.C., September 5, 2012 -- The online magazine ForeignPolicy.com today published an extraordinary CIA document on the recent Iraq war which the National Security Archive obtained through a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) request to the CIA.
The document, "Misreading Intentions: Iraq's Reaction to Inspection Created Picture of Deception," dated January 5, 2006, blames "analyst liabilities," such as neglecting to examine Iraq's deceptive behavior "through an Iraqi prism," for the failure to correctly assess the country's virtually non-existent WMD capabilities. The review was one in a series of reevaluations the agency produced of its own work after Operation Iraqi Freedom. ...