our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


The Secret Rose

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From: "Deborah"
Date: Tue Oct 31, 2000 3:34 pm
Subject: Re: [Negative-Capability] The Secret Rose

>... * Real power is the persistent courage to be at ease with the unsolved and the unfinished.*>

Aligning and being in accord with what is eternal in the midst of all that's passing away: That was the meaning of Mithras as a symbol, according to David Ulansey. Being in line with it is to be in the Stillpoint. Part of the moving thing, yet still. Utterly still. In accord with the divine.

Plato: Apollodorus tells Aristodemus the tale of the drinking party, which is the Symposium. That is, the 'Gift of the Gods' ( Apollodorus) tells the tale--the drink of the deep brain, told to him by 'the Best of the People' (Aristodemus). The drunks in the crowd? They're left out of it.

Apollo gave us the navel when Zeus separated us when we were whole -- and it is a great gift: The constant reminder that we come from another existence. We (small self) did not make our body, or choose it. Like the Symposium, a gift from the Eternal -- which is not timeless time, but outside of time. Thus, we are a thing of eternity, too. Divine and mundane. Whole and part. Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth. Every Western poet is saying this same old thing in some new way. Will never be finished.

Ever in search of truth and never to find it. Not a bad approach.

Love, Deborah