our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a



If nothing more, dreams are an interesting form of sociability. Again, they get you thinking about things you might not otherwise think about. They challenge your perspective, and thus, your possibilities.

The problem comes when you allow yourself to get enthralled by prophecy.

I focus on the feeling dreams leave, often self-revealing. What need does it address? We tend to face things as we're ready, and sometimes they need to sneak up.

Friends having strong dreams of late. Phoebe's night before last, and Ariel's -- which, like Phoebe's -- also involved a cat dying before her eyes.

I had this one a few days ago:

Strange distinct dream. I was in some sort of moving room, a vehicle, but with the sense of being in the bottom of a closet. Little light, clothes hanging above me, very shanty. I was on a narrow white shelf or long bench, hard but comfy, on my back. Someone was with me, a friend. ? But we were speeding away in a great hurry. I had a sense it was from a hospital. Looking out the window, I noticed all the lights were out in the city as we sped past. We were escaping something.

My father came in. He died june 6, 1986. He was speaking to us -- other people were on cots with us; I had a sense of them, vague. I felt comforted as my father spoke to us. We would be safe.

I wrote Phoebe:
 I worried it was saying I was dead, or on my way there quickly. But Liz points out it's the first dream I've had about my dad, who died so long ago, and that he made me feel safe in the dream. He came to make us safe. So I hold onto that.

He visited her in a dream as he was dying. She was 8, and when I woke her to tell her we had to go to DC, she already knew. She has often dreamed of him since.


mike writes

sounds like 'father energy' leading you out of a long, dark tunnel you've been in for some time... the lights are out in the city but you still need care...

just reading

I think mike has touched it.

Shahashara <====> John 10:30