what good does gabriel's ave do, unless he give me that same greeting too?*

I have a favorite definition of mythology: mythology is other people’s religion. We have a way of saying, “You worship God in your way, I worship God in his.” And my favorite definition of religion is: misunderstood mythology. The misunderstanding consists typically in interpreting spiritual symbols as though they referred finally to historical events and characters. The historical character or event is but the vehicle of a spiritual message, and if you stay with the event, you lose the message. Anything that can be named, anything that can be envisioned, is but a reference to what is absolutely transcendent, and that which absolutely transcends all reference, all naming, and imaging, is the essence not only of the universal mystery but also of your own being; so that that which transcends all is imminent within all and is not really named in any naming. ~Joseph Campbell
 Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Ecce Ancilla Domini!
"we are all broken images of that which is seen when the mind stands still"




David Bowie - Heroes (Marc Bolan Show, 1977) 

1. Man has no Body distinct from his Soul for that call'd Body is a portion of Soul discern'd by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age
2. Energy is the only life and is from the Body, and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy.
3 Energy is Eternal Delight ~William Blake


Without my dark

Without my dark, 
you would have no desires. 
No strengths in your urges, ambitions, or achievements.


as far as longing can reach

The common view of the pre-Socratic philosophers is that they stand at the beginning of Greek (and therefore Western) rationalism and science.



Government is us - redux
deborah conner
op-ed roanoke times,
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boom and bust is ever the stuff of market economies, especially when fierce competition is embraced over sense and symbiosis. In nature, the real world of laws we live by, only cancers work so selfishly, and they compete to the point of killing their host. Not a good way to do business.


The Ascent / Eros Psychopompos

For one who looks at Beauty in the only way that Beauty can 
be seen—only then will it become possible for him to give birth 
(tiktein) not to images of virtue—because he’s in touch with no 
images—but to true virtue—because he is in touch with true 
Beauty. And being theophiles (god-loved/god-loving) belongs 
to anyone who has given birth to true virtue and nourished it, 
and if any human being could become immortal, it would be 
this one.  ~Diotima in The Symposium

Evans, Nancy in Hypatia, Volume 21, Number 2, Spring 2006, pp. 1-27

(aside: notice one eye lower than the other, as in a Botticelli)