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How the Hype Became Bigger Than the Presidential Election

Blame the media for making whole generations hate The Process

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/how-the-hype-became-bigger-than-the-presidential-election-20121009#ixzz28t1tCz1p

Matt Taibbi

Think about it: Banning poll numbers would force the media to actually cover the issues. As it stands now, the horse race is the entire story – I can think of a couple of cable networks that would have to go completely dark tomorrow, as in Dan-Rather-Dead-Fucking-Air dark, if they had to come up with even 10 seconds of news content that wasn't centered on who was winning. That's the dirtiest secret we in the media have kept from you over the years: Most of us suck so badly at our jobs, and are so uninterested in delving into any polysyllabic subject, that we would literally have to put down our shovels and go home if we didn't have poll numbers we can use to terrify our audiences. Can you imagine if your favorite news network had to do stories like, "What is the Overseas Private Investment Corporation up to, and what do each of the candidates think about it?" That would be like asking Nineties-era baseball players to take the field without popping greenies – what, you mean play the game sober? Half the on-air talent would have to resign, or do ad work hawking reverse mortgages.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/how-the-hype-became-bigger-than-the-presidential-election-20121009#ixzz28tEIhRSQ


And our side of it?

Community is free. Why not meet at our friendly local cafe and watch the returns together, and I don't have to wear a cocktail dress.

Unless it's about the cocktail dress. But that's what the other party is about: rattling your jewelry.

Last place I lived, someone put a live copperhead in the second floor bathroom of Dem HQ. (The opposition is doing god's work, remember.) Romney volunteers are paid $12 / hr. Their idea of jobs, jobs, jobs. At least it goes to Mainstreet.

This reminds me of baseball, once your kid gets to high school: The fun is gone. Please give me back the why. The reasons we do this, the perks of the process.


"Aristotle, in his Politics, wrote some famous words that have been translated "man is by nature a political animal." The translation is incorrect. If the Greek sage had expressed himself in English, he would have written, "a human being is the type of creature that dwells in cities," or "to be fully human a person must live in a city." Aristotle expressed a common Greek prejudice against life on farms and in villages, and against "barbarians" (non-Greeks) who did not have cities of the Greek type. He shared the general view of ancient Greeks and Romans that only in an urban setting could they enjoy such refinements as economic prosperity and leisure, a good education, competitive sports, music, painting, and sculpture; philosophy, literature, and theater, [...] that the city created, sustained and transmitted culture." ~Kenneth Holum et al, King Herod's Dream: Caesarea on the Sea