our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a



From our dear dharma buddy Suzanne :

Many of us spend so much time mulling over regrets of the past or worrying about what may go wrong in the future that we spend precious little time being fully present to what is happening in the moment. When we are not present in the moment we do not really see or listen to one another; we do not see the beauty in our friend's face or the sadness in a stranger's eyes. The morning sun streaming through the kitchen window, bathing the colbalt blue vase in exquisite light is lost to us. Our time here is fleeting and each moment is precious regardless of the pain we've endured and the love we have lost. Being genuinely present isn't about finding a peaceful place inside where nothing can ever hurt us; it is about facing each day with courage and gratitude, risking our hearts by loving deeply, knowing full well that everything and everyone we love we will someday lose. It is about choosing to love just the same.