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one for the White House?

MSN video

Listen to them. Oh, yes, Colbert simply wasn't 'funny'. Well, it's obvious, watching the Right and its literal mindedness, that they'll never get Colbert. We've seen it over and over, their having no idea what he's doing when they come on his show. But not funny? Well, why not. It was Truth, after all. And none of the real truth is very funny -- not the hijacking of Democracy, the lawless invasions, the lawlessness in general, or what passes for law -- Bush has used the White House to legitimize White Collar crime. The country is in debt that can't be even imagined, let alone kept account of. Our worth to the world is little more than our military, a military whose brass refuses to stand up and be true to the Constitution* it vows to uphold.

Colbert made all these points and more a stone's throw away from the man. No one else has come close. Colbert is a hero and a patriot. And that is the reality.

And the really big reality that all this illustrates is the strength of our Republic of Letters... the blogosphere. Who of us depends on the Corporate sham news, the commentary our Corporate-owned sham media churns out -- hello, you at that lovely dinner, the "experts" who did such a wonderful job disinforming us -- for anything more than a gage of which way the spin blows? There's no news, no truth there. Who watches it but the faithful? It's a land of dim bulbs.

We, in this Republic of Letters, as individuals united in respecting our difference and rights: we are recovering our Democracy, our souls, the future. It's happening HERE. And the response to Stephen Colbert is another affirmation of that fact. Feeling alone? Beloved -- we ARE the majority. Walk the high ground.

12/18/14* and so the tea party goes on to co-opt The Constitution(TM)talking point... not that they've actually read it...

How sad.

And what happiness this? Nine years! Thank you, Stephen!