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wire in the blood

Been hooked the past 2 weeks doing something I've never done: hooked on a tv series that I watch on Netflix, the Robson Green thing, Wire in the Blood. He's Tony Hill, a psychologist who works with a police unit, profiling murderers. And a wonderful jungy brother. It's a great way to get ideas across, the realty of the psyche as it lives us and moves us.

Green of course is a lovable creature. Not sure who else could play this. Dan Radcliffe in 20 yrs. A bit of (my favorite) Robert Donat in them both. An underlying rock-hard benevolence.

I'm looking at the series as evidence of the way people are opening to negative capability. Needs that move us to look away from a stifling material existence. A material spirituality. (In America we don't have pubs. We have shopping malls. Mall church.) (When will I stop preaching?) But it's why I think I've been drawn to Wire in the Blood. The inner dialogue made external. It's me, you, all of us, what we really are. Something you only find in novels, or in films that are willing to risk narration (which is almost always risk, unless you're Jane Austen).

Of course the series started as a novel.

I wrote my first book from the objective angle, as if you were watching it. Very little internal. Was interesting to do. From teaching and nursing, writing all those "behavior objectives." Plan, Implement, and Observe the response. And if you can't observe it ----- does it not exist? Of course not. But that's the step-back social science has taken as it tries to free itself from its projections.

And that is how I am as I sit down and consider it at the moment. Not much about me; the me always seems to become you. Again -- like the character in Wire in the Blood.

Hm. So that's why I'm drawn to it.

Oh, and he has intimacy issues. Does he? I think our culture has the intimacy issues. Dr. Hill is mask-less.

The series is the perfect place for sexual commentary, because they're so often solving sex crimes, and it's that lack of intimacy, the way sex, which should be that ultimate acting out of *all that a relationship is at every moment*, has become distanced from one's whole being. A thing in itself. How fuckedup is that?


ps. that stepping back from projections, trying to see things. that's what the blog has been about for me. my resilient boat a submarine. :)

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