our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


Tell The Super Committee

send them a message Who makes the money for "big business"? Who does the work, keeps things going, figures things out at the actual physical level? Who makes it so the boss, company, stockholder get paid? Well, the workers. And happy they are to do so if they can live on their wage, obtaining the food, clothing and shelter to care for their kids. Happy they are to commit decades to a company that responds fairly to them. A strong, healthy, well-educated workforce is essential to any business. Remember Joe the Plumber? He wants to expand and grow his business, and worries he'll have to pay more taxes once he makes over $250,000 -- which more than 90 percent of small business owners don't. But if Joe wants to expand, he has to hire workers. What kind of workers does he want? Healthy, educated workers; people he can trust to do the work. Naturally, he wants his crew to get to work on time. So he, as well as they, depend on good transportation. They depend, too, on good health care delivery so that his workers can come to work strong, giving their best. Smart workers, well-schooled workers. The best he can afford. This is what taxes are about. Making things run, making the good workers good so they can make wealth. It makes sense that the more wealth a company makes, the more it depends on all the things taxes go to pay for. We share the wealth so we all can grow -- because, as a business, you need people who are able to pay you for your services (you and your worker, that is; the people who actually go out and do the work). Socialism? Where? This is foundational, defining to whatever our country has been. To what made it grow. Is that socialism? Working together to meet our needs as a nation? What a big umbrella of a word you make it. You know, money isn't equal really -- not in real life. What's $1,000 to someone making $30,000 a year? What's it to someone making 10 times that? It's all relative, all changing, based on things that change. We're so disconnected from our needs, from seeing what shapes our world. I hope most of all that we connect with it again, plan and envision together. That's the strength of a community, a nation. a whole planet.