our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


lost in translation

The morality question. Dear lady, your house has been taken down by a tornado, a shark-fest of Enron style unrestrained derivative speculation -- which is to say, you've been robbed, cleaned out -- and now it's immoral to rebuild? Minding his own business, Mr. Main Street was run over by vampire squids, and now -- we should try to save money by not feeding him, or giving him blood, basics, oxygen...? (The slacker. That'll teach him.) Seeking clean air and water, your town took a loan from JPMorgan at sleight-of-hand compounding interest rates that it will never be able to pay back. The free-market phantasies, myths of confidence fairies. (Who profits? Is that morality?) Your bromides of deregulation, cutting taxes (when were they lower?), under-funding Medicare while giving pharma free reign (no to death panels, no to death)(let's think about solutions maybe?) are all part of how we got here. But god forbid letting reality get in the way of your shrink government / punish the loser / winner take all dramatic narrative.
Change. Change you heart, your mind. We really can work things out. You just have to want it.