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A Mad Men-esque guide geared towards summer associates at law firms is making waves for advising ladies to wear skirts to appeal to men, makeup to look healthy and competent, and heels to appear more powerful.

Forget the Glass Ceiling, We Have Hemlines to Consider old-timey classic version 

This takes me back to a parenting group I worked with in the wilds of Ohio. We'd have speakers, this time a local podiatrist who came to enlighten us about shoes, how they relate to feet, etc. He's quite spiffy, Brooks Brothers suit, manicured and scented, much admired by the ladies (well, not me. Beauty, which is culturally determined, is also philosophical). At Q & A time, I ask about high heels, and soon learned (surprise) how good they are at making body unhappy. "So -- you recommend we don't wear them?" I follow up. He smiles with all his teeth: "No!" Why? "Because they look so damned good!" And the ladies laugh and slightly swoon. Beloved, we run in place.

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Cannes faces backlash after women reportedly barred from film screening for not wearing high heels