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Rev Sun Myung dies -- wonder what the fallout will be

  1. RevSun Myung Moon, Self-Proclaimed Messiah Who Founded The ...

    DCist.com-21 minutes ago
    Sun Myung Moon, a self-proclaimed messiah whose Unification Church gained ... grew to own the newswire service United Press International.

    Note -- "The Times was founded the year after the Washington Star, the previous "second paper" of D.C., went out of business, after operating for over 100 years. A large percentage of the staff came from the Washington Star." 
    This was not the Washington Star I grew up with. Also, it really raised an eyebrow when he bought UPI.  I wondered -- why did he need to control the news? As in: Moon and News Corps / Fox News Rupert Murdoch major spreaders of Obama-is-a-Muslim and Birther tales.  What happens now? 

    meanwhile, what's coming up on my google news search for moon:

    RevSun Myung Moon, 92, Self-Proclaimed Messiah Who Built ...

    New York Times-51 minutes ago
    The RevSun Myung Moon, the Korean evangelist, businessman and self-proclaimed messiah who built a religious movement notable for its ...

  2. RevSun Myung Moon, 92, Dies

    Daily Beast-9 minutes ago
    Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon, founder the Unification Church leader died from complications of pneumonia in South Korea at age 92. Moon ...

    Daily Beast
  3. Report: RevMoon's health condition worsens

    Washington Times-Aug 31, 2012
    Unification Church head and Washington Times founder the RevSun Myung Moon has been moved to a private complex in Korea where he ...
    BlogRevMoon, Not Improving, Heads to Church Complex Wall Street Journal (blog)

    Washington Times
  4. Religious leader Sun-Myung Moon dead at 92

    Washington Post-43 minutes ago
    Sep. 2, 2012 - Officials say the religious leader who founded the Unification Church and built it into a multibillion-dollar business empire has died in South Korea ...

  5. Unification Church founder RevMoon dies at 92

    Chippewa Herald-4 minutes ago
    Church officials said Monday that the RevSun Myung Moon died at a hospital the church owns near his home in Gapyeong (GAHP' young) ...
  6. RevSun Myung Moon In Intensive Care: Unification Church Asks...

    Huffington Post-Aug 16, 2012
    RevSun Myung Moon, the controversial founder of the Unification ...RevSun Myung Moon meeting with U.S. President Richard Nixon at the