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SPLC Urges Paul Ryan and Other Public Officials Not to Speak At Extremist Summit

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       to the
   Values Voter
Summit speakers

Dear Friend,

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor should be embarrassed. 

Because they're lending the prestige of their offices to hate groups that spread incendiary lies about the LGBT community.
  Read our letter
       to the
   Values Voter
Summit speakers
Along with a number of high-ranking public officials, Ryan
and Cantor are slated to speak this week at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.
The host of the summit, the Family Research Council, has consistently spread demonizing propaganda about the LGBT community. One of the summit's co-sponsors, the American Family Association, has gone so far as to link homosexuality to the Holocaust.
No public official – least of all prominent officials like Ryan, Cantor, and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer – should lend their good names to such a gathering. Instead, they should distance themselves from it.

That's why we and other human rights groups have sent a letter to Ryan, Cantor and others urging them not to speak at the summit. We hope they listen.

We have faith that our collective voices will make a difference. Thank you for standing with us.


Richard Cohen
President, Southern Poverty Law Center

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