our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a



Last night was worried (make that all caps) about the whole economic mess, the election, etc., and (being human) made a little wager with the gods. It involved the cat toy I had in hand and the blue and white vase in the dining room corner where I keep such things. Wager: If I get this in with one toss, all will be well. (Duh!) Well, soon as toy left hand I regretted it; bad toss, not even trying, and it's dangerous to make wagers with gods. And sure enough, the thing -- a little glow in dark ball with yarn tails -- hits the floor, not even close. And just as fast it rebounds and goes in.
Thank the gods we don't have to make our hearts beat or the earth move or the sun rise. Thank the gods for the best laid plans that oft go astray.

Keep faith.


Peter of Lone Tree wrote:
I have faith in faith. All that is necessary to believe in, is something is worthy of belief.

:)  We are here to lighten the darkness of the creator. 

Don't know if it's faith I have, exactly. It's experience. And in my experience, things are frequently magical.