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targeting the electorate

The campaigns have more information about you then ever before.

In 2012, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's 
presidential campaigns 
are using that data, and controversial new tactics, to customize their messages to persuade you to support and donate to their campaigns.

How they work -- and how they might be targeting you -- is the subject of two new digital exclusives at pbs.org/frontline. As a subscriber to this newsletter, you're among the first to see both.

The Digital Campaign
 is a digital first documentary with correspondent Hari Sreenivasan of the PBS Newshour that goes inside the firms that sell campaigns data and the ways the Obama and Romney campaigns are using data to target voters.

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Targeting the Electorate
 is an interactive documentary experience that allows you to personalize the story to find out how campaigns are targeting you.

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Both are a part of FRONTLINE's  Big Money 2012 initiative, a collaboration with APM's Marketplace investigating how money is reshaping the democratic process this election season.

We hope you'll watch, read, listen to and explore the whole Big Money 2012site.

Andrew GolisSenior Editor/Director of Digital