our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


the problem with DMSO...


“It's a wonderful solvent, but that's also the drawback: it will dissolve and therefore contain just about anything it's been in contact with before it's in contact with you!”
comment from story about yoga re rotator cuff injury    Read the story:
A painful surgery with a long recovery time and often disappointing results costing in excess of $12,000 is the standard treatment for rotator cuff tear, an upper extremity injury so common it showed up in almost 61 percent of shoulders in one study. Many patients with rotator cuff tear have come to me for help after playing golf or tennis, going to the gym, taking a suitcase from an overhead airplane bin, lifting and pulling activities or experiencing an accident. As a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and as someone who had gone through the surgery himself, I wished I could do more to help many of them avoid surgery. I never thought I would come upon a non-surgical solution. Then, 10 years ago I tore my other rotator cuff while trying to...  MORE