our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness Phaedr. 244a


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Without myth every culture loses the healthy natural power of its creativity: only a horizon defined by myths completes and unifies a whole cultural movement. Myth alone saves all the powers of the imagination and of the Apollonian dream from their aimless wanderings. . . ~Nietzsche, Birth of Tragedy

note 6/6: some of these have disappeared from youtube.
the mythos series is available at amazon. mythos 2 is also in text, Transformations Of Myth Through Time.
But Campbell is so much more than the hero path.

I'm always going back to Campbell, picking him up, watching, listening to his work. He doesn't enter my dreams like Jung, but has been a constant teacher, shaping the second half of my life. How to thank him -- for this gift of healing, this expansion of being? This return of lost things?


more:  at amazon

 also -- nice general intro dvd on Mythos: Vol. 2, The Shaping of the Eastern Tradition (2000)